2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

As we reflect on the past year, TYLV Clothing remained committed to fostering community bonds, preserving culture, and raising awareness. Our journey began with a joyous 2-year anniversary celebration in January, bringing together our Las Vegas community at Aksum Restaurant, a local Tigryian-owned restaurant. We purposefully selected Aksum Restaurant for our gathering, not only to support a local small business but also to embrace and encourage Tigryan food and customs. The ambiance was enriched by traditional music playing in the background, creating a vibrant backdrop as we enjoyed our meal, engaged in conversation, and participated in games. This event was a way to thank our community for their commitment in us and our greater purpose.

    January 17 2023, TYLV Clothing celebrated their 2 year anniversary with a community dinner.  


In February, we were invited to speak at Amplus Academy and to join their ongoing discussion on refugees and the outcome of war. TYLV Clothing spoke to several classes about our non-profit and the deadly conflict in Tigray which resulted in over 60,000 refugees and 1 million internally displaced persons(IDPs). The students, initially focused on the Ukraine war, were startled to discover the heartbreaking conflict in Tigray. In addition, we discussed the devastating humanitarian crises that unfolded in Tigray and how they can help spread awareness. TYLV Clothing was proud to be apart of an important discussion on genocide and war-torn countries and thank Amplus Academy for the warm welcome. Beyond the classroom, we seized the opportunity to speak with teachers and administrators, sharing our story and amplifying the call for aid in Tigray.

This year was also our first year participating in an eco-friendly fashion show. April saw TYLV Clothing participating in Fashion for Passion, a prominent event in San Diego, California. In order to be considered for the event we needed to submit upcycled, recycled, sustainable, and eco-friendly designs for consideration. Our Founder and Head Designer was one of eight finalists selected to participate in the event fully sponsored by Fashion for Passion. We used this platform to introduce our message and mission to a new audience. The event was a success, fundraising $2500 for our mission and cause. Additionally, we received an invitation to return for San Diego Fashion Week in October. In our second showcase, we utilized the platform to shine a spotlight on our Stop War Collection, infusing it with powerful messaging and a cultural presence that aimed to draw attention to Tigray. The remarkable support from the San Diego fashion community left us deeply moved and inspired. The privilege of being featured in San Diego Fashion Week became a significant honor, further amplifying our cause and contributing substantially to raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

Throughout the year, our unwavering commitment to fostering community bonds, preserving culture, and raising awareness persisted. To broaden our impact, we actively networked with like-minded companies. A notable collaboration was with Endless Grind Coffee in Denver, Colorado. Our collaborations allowed us to offer unique community experiences by blending coffee and shopping. The charming coffee shop welcomed dozens of guests as they sipped, shopped, and enjoyed a safe place to network and bond with each other.  

TYLV Clothing also proudly hosted the second annual Tigray Youth Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 28 to October 1, 2023. This unique event, initiated in 2022, serves as a fundraiser for our non-profit organization, blending clothing, community, and culture. Attendees from various states gathered for a spectacular showcase, featuring a stunning TYLV fashion show and a purposeful culture presentation aimed at reviving a nearly lost heritage.This year's theme, "Adi Diaspora," celebrated the rich fusion of Tigrayian and American culture. The weekend included the successful TYLV Basketball Tournament at Bonanza High School, attracting youths of all ages. Special thanks to Saba Hendaia from Humana for generously sponsoring snacks and drinks, enhancing the enjoyment for every attendee.


September 28th-October 1st, 2023, TYLV Clothing hosted Tigray Youth Festival 2023.


The festival concluded with a music extravaganza, featuring nearly 15 diverse artists seamlessly integrating diaspora and Tigray artists. TYLV Clothing's commitment extended beyond the stage, involving over 20 performers and volunteers from the local Las Vegas community. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the show but also provided valuable cultural engagement for our youth.

In the spirit of unity and cultural preservation, TYLV Clothing continues to lead with remarkable fashion shows, basketball tournaments, and music events, exemplifying our commitment to engaging the youth and fostering community growth. Let's build a vibrant and connected community for generations to come.

Looking ahead to 2024, TYLV Clothing remains steadfast in our dedication to impact our community and shed light on the millions affected by the genocide campaign in Tigray, Ethiopia. Together, let us continue this journey of advocacy, unity, and cultural preservation.